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April, 2016 7

What’s behind the Waddle name?

We’re constantly asked what’s with Waddle’s name? The name “Waddle” encompasses a few beliefs that the founders hold close to their hearts, giving you a few insights into how the team thinks. Firstly, it’s got the slang term “Wad” meaning a wad of cash, easy to use and grab hold of when you need. The Waddle [...]

Team WaddleTeam Waddle
"[ecko_icon alias="fa-star"][ecko_icon alias="fa-star"][ecko_icon alias="fa-star"][ecko_icon alias="fa-star"][ecko_icon alias="fa-star"] Highly recommend! – Xero Marketplace add-on


We’re finding the whole system amazing! We had been using a different invoice financier and had nothing but issues with them right from the start.

Waddle – together with Xero – all lines up perfectly and makes less work for me in reconciling. We love that our customers are not continually hounded by Waddle to check and approve invoices as it all integrates into our Xero system and we still have full control. – [ecko_icon alias="fa-external-link"]"

— Meredith, Force Hydraulics and Pneumatics