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March 2018
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Client Funding Dashboard Update 2017: Features & Styling

Team WaddleTeam Waddle

Waddle never stops. We’ve been working hard over the holiday break to release some great product enhancements helped only by you, our customers.

Like most Waddle customers you sign into your account daily (even on weekends you lucky bunch) and would have noticed some changes to the look, specifically a change to how your borrowing metric tiles are displayed. The most noticeable change would be the simplicity built into how your credit limit, funds available, account balance are now displayed.

The team is constantly updating in the background, and only the most impactful updates that affect your daily interaction with Waddle are announced through the blog.

Releases for January 2017

Dashboard view:

Aesthetic updates, font enhancements for readability

Four (4) new tile snapshots for daily funding

Export transactions updated, added “export”
– Supported file types: OFX, QIF & CSV

Faster transaction loading added “show more” for extended view

Debtors view:

Enhanced debtor loading
– Debtors load faster now, allowing you to quickly view newly created customers and add them in for funding in just a click.

Added search function
– Easily find debtors by name without tabbing through pages of customer lists

Mobile enhancements

Update to mobile compatibility across all devices
– Logging in from your mobile browser to check payments and funding requests is now easier.

 What’s coming?

Native mobile application release
– Waddle has entered development of a native mobile application to bring enhanced experiences. Push notification for customer payments, available funds, funding request and one touch logins are just a few items on the list.

Got any suggestions? Email, we’d love to hear from you.