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Cloud Accounting – Moving Offline to Online: Podcast

Team WaddleTeam Waddle

Cloud accounting. It’s gathering serious steam with Australian SMEs.

From start-ups to established businesses, moving to cloud accounting isn’t just about bean counting anymore.

In this episode, Waddle’s Leigh Dunsford is joined by Noel Tiufino, Managing Director at MyAccounts to unearth the hidden benefits of moving online and the rapidly growing ecosystem of add-ons that can drive your business to becoming a fully integrated, automated growth machine.

Listen below to learn how you can move from offline to online and even between cloud accounting providers:

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“If you want to make bookkeeping itself more efficient then, a lot of the offline models don’t have bank feed capability and (you need to) consider all the efficiencies that the add-on market brings with cloud accounting software”

-Noel Tiufino

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