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Debtor Finance: Guarantee Upfront Payments

Delayed payments can be crippling, here's how to fix it

Team WaddleTeam Waddle

Topping the list for most stressful things of running a business has to be waiting for your invoices to be paid—especially when customers don’t pay on time.

Delayed payments can be crippling when you don’t get to inject that working capital back into the business immediately, tying up your cash and creating a raft of trouble. Enter debtor finance…

At Waddle, we see this problem all the time with businesses of all sizes. That’s why we designed our debtor finance application to allow you to dip into money owed to you without having to jump through endless hoops.

With debtor financing, you have the chance to get paid for your invoices whenever you need—no need to wait. You’re now in control of how much capital you bring into the business upfront. You’ll sleep better at night with reliable, predictable cash at your fingertips.

Debtor finance quick facts:

The maximum amount you can qualify for depends on the total amount and quality of your invoices, as the overall health of your business.

A typical funding scenario:

Waddle’s Debtor finance is unique to Australia and New Zealand, it’s similar to a bank overdraft, only not secured by your real estate or personal assets.

Who would qualify?

Any business with a business-to-business operation can qualify for debtor finance, as long as they currently have outstanding receivables to borrow against.

You’ll need to pass the following:

Got any questions? Phone 1300 649 322 or email team@waddle.com.au and chat to a specialist.


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