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Inside Waddle

February 2018
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How much working capital can you get from Waddle?

100% automated revolving business loans.

Team WaddleTeam Waddle


Say goodbye to lengthy applications, paperwork or even speaking to anyone.

Waddle provides the complete self-service funding option.

When you link your online accounting application to Waddle, we use your data for two main reasons, firstly to automate the application process removing the need to fill out any pesky forms and provide you with a loan offer and secondly to monitor your business activity to allow us to continue offering you a revolving line of credit and remain 100% paperless. As your business grows our credit line will automatically grows with you, without this link to your accounts we simply cannot offer you this amazing service.

Waddle has a fluid credit limit, meaning as your business changes your credit limit will float up and down depending on your cash flow and funding needs. Our pre-set maximum credit limit is $500,000 with no minimum loan amount required for each new client, however once you begin financing with us this can increase over time.


Automatic Funding
Waddle's automatic monitoring of your accounts beams down new credit limits as your business grows.
"Linking to Waddle feels like you go to bed at night and in the morning magical elves have made more money available to you!"
— Team Waddle

At any time you can login to your account and view how much is available to drawdown, simply hit the drawdown button and funds will appear in your bank account.

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