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March 2018
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Inbound Sales turned full-time blogger

Jorja CreightonJorja Creighton

Hi YouTuber’s, Jorja here from Inbound Sales. I’m taking over the blog for a month! Look out.

If there is a visual for Waddle’s Inbound Sales in January it’s a tumble weed crossing a desert scape. So I’ve been given the task of blogging to keep me busy – the plan is to compile the vast and deep knowledge I have built over the 3 months of this role at Waddle and bring it to the world stage.

Even though I am inexperienced, we have all agreed it’s a unique perspective – an outsider taste. And after reading some Invoice/debtor finance blogs as research for my month of gold rated content, debtor finance blogs could use a couple of servings of flavour.

I am a new cog in the corporate system, having only been in an office for a few months. My attitude to Christmas pre-corporate was ‘unenthusiastic’ (at best) and is now at ‘pleasantly amused’ as I watched the office lifers shift into party mode.

Tinsel crowns shamelessly embellishing drunken hairdos and excuses for slow email replies blamed on it being “a busy period of the year”. Christmas Eve came with simultaneous mic-drops across the city as workers exited the building in squads to themes of George Michael. Leaving no choice for industry to put on it’s party frock and turn the volume up.

Now it’s January and the party is over but there is a quarter of the people on the streets, soccer teams at lunch time activities lack the sports panic usual in a work week, and the cafe culture is at a weekend pace – more full-fat latte, less espresso.

A handful of people are keeping the city together, answering the sporadic phone calls while the rest are sleeping in till 10am or sitting with their feet in the world’s whitest sand at Jervis Bay. It’s like one big drawn out Sunday morning. The city is now a place for quiet and yoga-like serenity. Soon the machine will shift up gears to it’s all consuming, motivating and revolutionary speed – ready to burn through the year. It will be Christmas in July before we know it.

So now I’m now a full time blogger and going to bring in the new year with articles for the Inside Waddle blog space. Stand by for questionable content – as I was given full creative freedom.




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