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Payroll funding gets wages paid on time, here’s how

"Accelerated client payments"

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Payroll Funding allows payroll & contractor management companies to eliminate cash flow gaps from client invoice payments.

Payroll and recruitment companies use payroll funding on a regular basis and with more SME’s turning to outsourced payroll services cash flow can become a bigger issue if cash flow isn’t managed correctly from incoming client invoice payments to outgoing wages, tax and superannuation.

Recruiters who manage a contractor and/or temporary labour hire business have the inherent problem of having to pay payroll before the client pays them.

Traditionally, a gap in cash flow meant business owners had to risk their personal assets in the form of equity (the owner’s own cash) or with a secured overdraft (a bank line of credit secured by the owner’s home or other property).

Receivables based lines of credit

Payroll funding offers an alternative to borrowing money from banks or invoice factoring providers because it allows you to raise funds against your client’s unpaid invoices as soon as they are raised for instant cash. A line of credit secured by your receivables allows you to draw down and repay funds when required without the burden of requiring property security or using an invoice factoring service.

The new funding option simply extends a revolving line of credit against the outstanding balance owing from client invoices. In the past companies would use a service called invoice factoring however, with the rise of cloud accounting, processes have now been automated to allow lenders like Waddle to provide a streamlined funding option without the administration, disclosure to clients or costs associated with lock-in financing contracts.

Costs for payroll funding are coming down

Over the past couple of years cloud accounting has become very popular. Some more advanced payroll companies also integrate with cloud solutions, allowing lenders like Waddle to integrate with the receivables in real-time. This new technology provides a completely touch-free, no administration drain on the business especially when margins are thinner or the business is in its first 1-2 years of growth.

Payroll companies that use invoice factoring are currently being charged on the face value of invoices they are raising, locked into twelve-month contracts with minimum volume financing restrictions as well as full disclosure to the end client about the funding.

Review your current funding

Reviewing your current funding arrangements with your factor or lender might just end up in very large internal administration savings, quicker funding and lower erosion to profits. If you’re using cloud accounting the cost savings associated with new lending options versus invoice factoring for payroll funding are chalk and cheese.

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