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February 2018
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How does payroll funding work for agencies?

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Got growing pains or gaps between meeting your payroll and customers paying you?

We know these can cripple your cash flow.

Instead of suffering through negative cash flow cycles, there’s a simple solution to ensure you can meet payroll commitments on demand.

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How Waddle helps agencies like yours

Whether your payroll is weekly, fortnightly or monthly, Waddle can tightly integrate with your accounting and payroll processes, providing on-demand working capital from capital locked in receivables.

Even if you outsource your payroll or manage it in-house, Waddle can embed itself seamlessly throughout your workflow.

How does the funding work?

Waddle establishes a line of credit based on your outstanding invoices of your choosing. Cutting-edge technology has enabled agencies to simply link their accounting software and dynamically build a line of credit from ongoing unpaid invoices to suit cash flow needs.

As customers pay invoices the credit line is replenished akin to a revolving line of credit or traditional bank overdraft. There’s no ongoing fees, lock-ins or hidden fees.

Simple pay-as-you go funding, enables healthy working capital with the ability to control costs.


Profitable agencies rely on efficient, automated processes that improve cash flow, and work with existing systems in place. Agencies that use cloud accounting software have access to modern financing add-ons within a marketplace, enabling access to bolt on services without committing to lock-in contracts

How do you get started?

Waddle’s automated payroll funding solution simply requires a link up with Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks to establish the account. No paperwork or traditional application processes are needed.

Waddle payroll funding snapshot

Unlike other financiers, Waddle does not charge:

Don’t get held back by cash flow gaps. It’s time to modernise and take control of the way you manage your cash flow.

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