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March 2018
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Waddle Transaction Feeds Are Due For Release August 2015

Team WaddleTeam Waddle

Waddle is Australia’s first non-bank lender to offer a transaction feed that automatically syncs your loan data with your accounting application.

The “Waddle Feed” is identical to a Bank Feed that you might receive already into your accounts. This means the end of manual entry or pesky statement downloads.

"[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”@getwaddle #fintech #cloudaccounting”]Say goodbye to manual entries into your accounting application[/inlinetweet]"
— Team Waddle

Since our service is fully automated, we are able to offer you a quick self-service solution to help you with your business cash flow needs. In order to do that, we require that you have at least several months of ongoing accounting and invoicing activity logged in your accounting software and have bank feeds enabled. This way, we can easily assess your business without bothering you with long application processes.


Waddle Feeds Auto Sync
Waddle syncs all loan data with your cloud accounting provider in real-time.
All payments received from your customers & loan transactions will be reflected the same day in your Waddle dashboard just like you’d normally see at your bank. If you have “Waddle Feeds” enabled in your online accounting software these transactions will show up automatically for simple reconciliations. If your current accounting provider does not support Waddle Feeds, you should contact them to get it enabled.

To enable the Waddle Feed please contact your online accounting provider to enable the service.

*Waddle Feeds are due for release August 2015.

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