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Is Your SME Marketing Strategy Dead On The Vine?

Posted by Team Waddle on 11-Apr-2016 08:46:04

How memorable is your marketing and can you measure every single dollar spent or is it simply dead on the vine?

I’ve spent over thirteen years running small businesses, working hard to market my services and pretty much up until the past two years I never really actually understood the power of delivering sticky content (or assets as I call them) instead of ‘dead on the vine’ marketing.

What is dead on the vine?

It’s traditional marketing - the kind small business owners use day in day out to push out scattergun messages without a thought for obtaining actually measurable intelligent results. Time and time again companies will push out an advertisement, pay for Google Adwords or send email blasts out without even tracking their success or measuring actual dollar spend from campaigns. Once you’ve spent the money on the campaign, that message only dies away never to return again. You only see the results for a snapshot in time lost forever until you put your hand in your pocket and shell out for another one.

Now, measuring traditional marketing can be easier said than done. I will talk about these methods in future posts of the series. However, there is one marketing effort that you can do as a small business owner to deliver truly measurable marketing at a fraction of the cost. It can be used over and over again, repurposed, packaged up and re-marketed forever; you just have to have patience and determination.

It’s called content marketing (not content for content sake)

Truly memorable content marketing takes effort, time, and planning. Something that was mentioned to me this week by a respected friend of mine is “don’t be boring” he swears by this statement and lives by it. Three simple words that are so powerful and until you understand them you won’t truly become a believer in the power of content. It’s what gets you to read the newspaper, books, e-books, and websites. Think about what captures your attention, if you wouldn’t read it why should anybody else!

Sounds simple, right? Producing interesting marketing is a talent, and when done correctly results are extremely gratifying.

Let’s start with one simple lesson:

Start blogging! You might think you can’t write but your wrong, everyone can write. The first lesson is to think of the topic. First, headlines are what get people interested. Think about questions your customers ask you or what pain or problem you solve for your client; you need to stay focused on what's in it for your customer if you start talking about how great you are; you've lost your audience forever! Once you come up with the title for the blog post, just start writing.

One method that seems to work for me starts with bullet points, write anything that comes to mind and extends on those. Remember to re-read everything and cut down any sentences that don’t need to be there. Again just start typing keystrokes you will be surprised at what might come out :)

Lesson one was short. However, I wanted to inspire you to start writing. Get going and we’ll go into depth in coming posts in the series.

Some resources to get you going:

For blogging:

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