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Posted by Team Waddle on 17-Sep-2015 11:31:31

Could you benefit from eliminating cash flow gaps in your business?

There are only two things that stop a business from freely growing without constraints, slow paying customers and having clear insight into what cash is due to come in.

Businesses that deal on credit terms (you invoice customers and wait for payment) understand how important it is to plan and budget for cash flow. “Do I pay my supplier today or drag it out until I have some payments come in?” or “I need to pay wages without question, leaving me with no cash in the bank to pay suppliers until some payments come in” it’s a very common problem to have, one which can be solved very easily by embedding Waddle in between you and your customer payments.


Predict your cash flow & get paid instantly

[ecko_annotated header="100% Automated Working Capital" annotation="Waddle creates cash on demand getting you paid instantly upon raising new invoices."]Waddle created a beautifully simple tool that closes any cash flow gaps from the time you raise invoices. It embeds between your accounting software and your customer payments. As soon as you raise new invoices or add new customers you can instantly predict your cash flow by drawing down funds against these customer invoices, accelerating your business and removing any of the nuances that come with waiting for payments and juggling wages or expenses.[/ecko_annotated]

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What makes it so simple?

The simplicity comes from the way we created it. It works by extending a line of credit against your outstanding receivables balance; think of it like an overdraft from a bank without any property security. You can draw down against your credit line and pay it back whenever you need, only ever paying on your balance outstanding. As you raise new invoices or payments come in, your credit line fluctuates according to your outstanding balance of invoices waiting to be paid. If your invoicing volumes stay relatively consistent you won’t be required to pay down principal except where you wish to repay your balance to reduce your interest charges.[ecko_quote source="Team Waddle"][inlinetweet prefix="" tweeter="" suffix="@getwaddle"]Waddle embeds directly between your accounting software and customer payments.[/inlinetweet] [/ecko_quote]

Waddle reinforces healthy habits into your business

One thing that Waddle requires is regular reconciliations of customer payments. We monitor your invoicing and bank deposits in real-time through your accounting software and your Waddle account. To ensure you can predict your cash flow and maximize the amount of working capital you can access through Waddle, you’ll need to maintain a healthy habit of reconciling payments.

Waddle rewards our customers when they increase the frequency of this activity, not only because it helps with funding, but also because it gives business owners clear insight into how their business is operating weekly or monthly.

By incentivizing this positive behavior and building it into a regular habit, business owners and their advisors have a real-time snapshot into business performance.

Having Waddle embedded into the cash flow of the business can predict with almost pinpoint accuracy how much cash flow will be available to tackle any challenge ahead.

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