Want to increase client retention? Here's one way accountants are up-skilling

Posted by Team Waddle on 29-Aug-2015 12:01:42

Advisors are up-skilling into a new category, one that's been overlooked, but critical to client growth.

Accounting firms are waking up to a new business loan category integrated with cloud accounting, traditionally outsourced to third-parties.

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Business Loan Fee Breakdown: Please Explain?

Posted by Team Waddle on 25-Aug-2015 14:52:24

Figuring out what type of business loan works for you is just the first step, deciphering the fees and charges to determine the “real” cost to your business can put daylight in-between the effect on your bottom line.

Every small business owner is eager to take on a new loan once approved and can often overlook or is simply confused by terminology used in loan offers and contracts.

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The Emerging Role Of Accounting Advisers & Business Lending

Posted by Team Waddle on 19-Aug-2015 15:27:40

"Continuous Certification" is a phrase coined by Xero’s CEO Rod Drury.

In a recent article, Mr Drury hits on a mutualistic relationship, one which accountants and bookkeepers will have with cloud accounting platforms together allowing “clean data” flow for SME’s to seamlessly access new financing products. “[inlinetweet prefix="" tweeter="" suffix="@getwaddle @roddrury"]continuous certification can also provide better access to capital and finance for small businesses[/inlinetweet]”, according to Mr Drury.

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MYOB Receives Direct (Bank) Feeds From Waddle

Posted by Team Waddle on 18-Aug-2015 12:55:54
MYOB Receives Direct (Bank) Feeds From Waddle

MYOB BankLink & Waddle Feeds help make accounting quick and easy.

[inlinetweet prefix="" tweeter="" suffix="@getwaddle"]Waddle is able to provide bank feeds using MYOB Cloud Accounting Solutions[/inlinetweet]. You can find Waddle's certified listing here. [ecko_icon alias="fa-lock"]

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Waddle Embraces “Financial Web” With Automated Lending Add-on

Posted by Team Waddle on 16-Aug-2015 09:23:09
Waddle Embraces “Financial Web” With Automated Lending Add-on

The trillion dollar receivables lending market get's boost from "cash on demand" online lending platform.

Surry Hills, NSW Australia - Waddle’s receivables based lending platform has uncovered an enormous opportunity to deliver data-driven innovation to a critically broken market by leveraging the data aggregated by cloud accounting providers, now referred to as the “financial web”.

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[Updated] How "Line of Credit Pricing" Impacts Your Profit Margins

Posted by Team Waddle on 15-Aug-2015 16:46:13

Let’s say you’ve been quoted a Line of Credit at 14% APR, but your net profits on sales are 14%. (Example only)

Wait that's super expensive! or is it?

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Topics: business loans, Loan pricing

Why Revolving Lines Of Credit Suit Growing SMB's

Posted by Team Waddle on 15-Aug-2015 05:40:46

We’re going to explain the extremely popular revolving line of credit and how to spot the imitations.

Before you sign up for a revolving line of credit, it’s important to know more about how this business finance tool works, what it’s used for, and how you can get the best overall fit for your business as well as the most competitive rates.

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Topics: business loans, revolving line of credit

[Updated] 5 Books You Must Read If You’re Planning to Build an Exceptional Business

Posted by Team Waddle on 06-Aug-2015 10:32:13

Building exceptional products can take longer than you'd hope, patience is something that can't be taught.

Patience in business takes lots of practice and there are a few lessons I’ve learned along the way. When I first started out on my own I took the path of least resistance, I started a business that was horizontal meaning I started something that was proven in the market already, I knew it would work and I could make money from the venture.

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Topics: Startups, Business Books, Business Products, Personal Improvement

Enter the Invoice Financing Add-on

Posted by Team Waddle on 04-Aug-2015 09:53:43

Cloud computing is slowly infiltrating financing products, helping to awaken financing tools that have remained dormant for decades.

Invoice factoring, debtor finance and invoice discounting are all iterations of receivables-based financing or asset-based lending that the Debtor and Invoice Finance Association has reported reached $62.9 billion in turnover for the 12 months ending March 2015. It’s a financing tool that remains relatively stagnant in the mechanics of how risk is assessed and funding is accessed by sellers (borrowers).

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Waddle Transaction Feeds Are Due For Release August 2015

Posted by Team Waddle on 25-Jul-2015 11:47:32
Waddle Transaction Feeds Are Due For Release August 2015

Waddle is Australia's first non-bank lender to offer a transaction feed that automatically syncs your loan data with your accounting application.

The "Waddle Feed" is identical to a Bank Feed that you might receive already into your accounts. This means the end of manual entry or pesky statement downloads.

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