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The Tech Savvy Entrepreneurs Roadmap to Working Capital

Posted by Team Waddle on 15-Sep-2017 07:02:28

"The future of business lending is one without paperwork and automated approvals."

Is the future already here or are lenders just pretending in a bid to lure customers in?

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Types of Non-Bank Financial Institutions & How They Can Work For You

Posted by Team Waddle on 22-Jan-2017 11:18:48

A non-bank financial institution (NBFI) is an institution that offers loans and financial products but does not have a full banking license.

These types of institutions are privately owned which gives them more leverage and flexibility with the rates and fees they can offer customers. This allows them to offer low-cost loans and generate competition in the banking world, forcing the banks to lower their rates to compete.

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Can you afford this loan? Learn about debt-service coverage ratios

Posted by Team Waddle on 19-Dec-2016 11:48:21

One of the financial ratios that every small business owner should understand is the debt-service coverage ratio when applying for a business loan.

What is it & why it’s important?

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How to spot a “true” revolving line of credit?

Posted by Team Waddle on 07-Apr-2016 09:58:03

You’re always trying to find the right working capital option for your business; cutting through the marketing jargon isn’t always easy.

We’re going to explain the popular revolving line of credit and how to spot the imitations.

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Don’t get bamboozled by business loan pricing

Posted by Team Waddle on 09-Mar-2016 09:42:33

Business loans can be tricky, especially when quoted interest rates don’t include all the fees and charges.

When you’re shopping for a new business loan online it’s very easy to get bamboozled by all the terms lenders use like APR, RR, PA, PM etc. The most important one to look at is the APR.

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What exactly is a business creditline?

Posted by Team Waddle on 15-Feb-2016 12:03:42

You’re going to need a business line of credit in the ups and the downs, here’s why.

The reality is even if you’re growing rapidly, every business goes through seasonal cash flow cycles and unexpected expenses or the occasional slow paying customers.

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Good Debt & Bad Debt, Can Avoiding It Put You At Risk?

Posted by Team Waddle on 18-Jan-2016 13:39:01

Do you completely understand debt, how it differs and how to match it to your business to help avoid the risks?

You’ve no doubt heard people say “avoid debt at all costs”, but what does that mean to business owners trying to grow or stay afloat? Does avoiding it mean not closing a cash flow gap from slow paying customers to fund growth or not buying a piece of equipment to earn new revenue from a new contract?

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The Complete Business Loan Guide For 2017

Posted by Team Waddle on 05-Jan-2016 10:40:48


If you’re looking for a business loan to grow in 2017 or looking to re-evaluate your current funding, get to know these options.

Last year was a pretty big growth year for alternative lending sources outside of banks and this year you’ll see some stiff competition arise that’ll help you get the best possible rate.

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Asset-Based Lending Vs. Cash Flow Lending, Learn The Difference

Posted by Team Waddle on 30-Sep-2015 09:41:11
Asset-Based Lending Vs. Cash Flow Lending, Learn The Difference

Whether you’re a start-up or a 95-year-old well-established company like Qantas, as sure as the sun rises, it’s almost a certainty that it has or will rely on borrowed capital.

When you set out to borrow money from a bank or alternative lending source (non-bank) to fund operations or make purchases you’ll comes across two major lending methods: Cash Flow or Asset-Based loans.

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2 Types Of Online Business Loans & How To Spot The Difference

Posted by Team Waddle on 25-Sep-2015 11:06:42

In the last twelve months, online business loan options are popping up everywhere, choosing the right one for your business can be harder than you think.

What’s an online business loan and why is it any different to a regular loan?

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