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Using customer case studies to tell a story: How can you bring them to life?

Posted by Team Waddle on 21-Nov-2017 17:10:18

It’s easy to forget how interesting our B2B customers are.

Our customers use our products to create amazing things. So why aren’t we yelling their stories from the rooftops instead of telling everyone how great we are?

Where should your stories live? Simply, everywhere.

Your customer stories can be repurposed into many forms and presented throughout your customer’s journey to add a little splash of credibility along the way.

You can go all in on a large production, blog or use simple little snippets that tell a real story throughout your website. They can be turned into a paid ad or an anecdote your sales teams can recite to prospects. Stories can arm and align your entire organisation as to the mission you’ve set out to achieve. It’s why we’re all here, to relate, solve and grow with our customers.

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Authentic customer experiences are leading the pack when it comes to design and branding in 2018. Telling your customer stories will help your customer relate to how you can solve their problem or needs.

Case studies make the task of explaining your service easier:

The vast majority of your potential market are not enthusiasts in what you’re offering.

They’re a sceptical bunch, averse to radical change and looking for any signs of distrust in your messaging. People are more comfortable with gradual increases, slight improvements rather than complete overhauls. They’re looking for validation that someone before them (and better than them) have tested it and succeeded. They want to reach their level of success by using the product or service and be presented with validation.

Customers gain a critical perception of what you're offering from your home or landing pages.

It's not until they see your product in action or hear stories of varying scenarios that they can begin to relate and understand the full range of outcomes as a result of using the service/product.

What should you be asking?

Remember to be authentic – A conversational style will always win. You can have a few set questions ready to go to help structure the flow of your interview. The main goal here is to get the customer to open up, revealing those golden nuggets of wisdom to quote.

Make sure you've researched your customer well, surprise them with some questions about their company or personal career. You'll likely be rewarded with random enthusiasm, taking the conversation in all sorts of directions you can use.

From our research there are three main elements to a good case study (story):

The center of the story (Protagonist)

  • I can see what what you do, but can you explain to me in your own words the nuts and bolts of your company?
  • What do you do there? How does your role drive the business?

Achieve narrative Tension

  • Tell me why you started with Waddle?
  • What would you do if Waddle didn't exist? What did you do before?
  • What does Waddle solve for your business?

Bring the Resolution

  • What does you cash flow look like now? Any significant improvements?
  • What's made Waddle the right choice for your business?
  • Have you been able to quantify the change since implementing Waddle?

Remember to keep talking about how your product or service has worked for them as long as possible. This will arm you with bucket loads of information to use in the story. If you can, ask permission to record the conversation so you can delve back into it for any juicy bits you forgot or missed when taking notes.

Don't forget to follow up with any points that need clarification by email.

Empathy and ever lasting content

One last point to make is the deeper connection you will form with your customer through the process. You'll appreciate your customers more and bring life to the people behind your brand. Real customer stories are one of the few things your competitors can't snatch from you.

Stories can bring untold rewards, invoke emotion, unite your own staff and help undecided prospects make their final decisions.



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