Friday Funday -Badminton

Posted by Jorja Creighton on 21-Sep-2018 14:10:31
Jorja Creighton


Each Friday, some of the Waddle team are let loose out of the office. This time it was Kent's turn to choose the activity. 

Last Friday we decided to get out in the spring air and play some Badminton. Waddle v The Elements. Three things we learnt in this battle is that :

  • A shuttlecock does not fair well in a breeze – let alone the high winds we were up against
  • Springtime has begun and it is glorious
  • None of us are as good at Badminton as we assumed we would be



Nevertheless, we played as I laughed in a raucous fashion putting everyone off their game. We have moved office recently and now we rumble around in Victoria Park in the shadows of Sydney Uni. I must say I miss Prince Alfred Park and it’s numerous dogs. Victoria Park is a beautiful Oasis between Parramatta Road and City Road - two rather choked roads in Sydney.

Till next time….


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