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Waddle Tennis - Friday Funday

Posted by Jorja Creighton on 29-Jun-2018 16:51:48
Jorja Creighton


A rain wash-out the last few weeks meant that today was the first day the Waddle team were set loose in Prince Alfred Park in a while. 

We played a hot 30 minutes of Tennis. With 4 players, 3 rackets and two flat balls. It was our usual 'do the best with what we got' method and we still made some slams, took a few balls to the face and had a game of Arse.


20180629_123712_003_01(Kent in full flight. Clearly he's done this before)

Kent showing his skills once again. Jorja was just thrilled to be outside and Paul and George playing their first game of Tennis.



(Jorja, down but not out)

Every week we see the Waddle skill set grow and we explore each others talents outside of the office. Tonight we go to Karaoke and hopefully find the next star of The Voice. I suspect Dom will take the cake tonight.


(Nathan cautiously retrieves the ball and guards against a surprise attack)


Spotlight On Waddlers - George, Software Engineer.

Each Friday, part of the Waddle team are let loose out of the office. This week it was Georges's turn to choose the activity. 

 "I enjoy all kinds of exercise and trying out new things, but somehow I've never ended up playing tennis even once. That's something I really like about our 'Friday Funday' concept, we just get out there and have fun no matter the skill levels or prior experience people may have. However there does tend to be a competitive edge to it as well! Expecting to barely get the ball across the net, I was surprised to actually win a game. Maybe it was beginners luck, maybe it was my copious amount of table tennis practice. I guess we'll see have to wait and see until our next tennis session ;) "

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