Heading to QuickBooks Connect? Here's a Glimpse at The Future

Posted by Team Waddle on 20-Apr-2017 14:40:00

Does cloud technology excite you? Got a burning desire to keep up to date & deliver value to your customers?

QuickBooks Connect Sydney is your next go to event.

Staying up to date with the most recent advancements in cloud accounting and connected apps is challenging. The industry is evolving- and with advisors and bookkeepers working across multiple platforms, there's a lot to keep track of. Meanwhile, our customers are as savvy as ever, having the ability to research products, apps and features at their fingertips. It's important for you to be across the latest trends when your expert guidance is sought. QB Connect Sydney is an opportunity to learn more about what's available in this space- below we offer some pointers on how to get the most out of this event.
[eckosc_quote quote="(QuickBooks Connect) is an opportunity to connect and meet with peers from all over the country as well as check out the latest technologies and app partners that help improve or enhance functionality.
" source="Accounting industry finalist thought leader of the year, Trent McLaren from QuickBooks" url="" pull="false"]
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Reach out to connected apps to retain customers

Our best piece of advice is to take the time to talk to QB app partners about what they can offer. A common mistake is to take apps at face value- your perceptions of the offering can often change radically once you talk through the product or get a demo.  Something we at Waddle hear pretty often from people at these events is, “Hey- I know a customer who needs this” or “Oh, I thought this was a collections app, I didn’t realise you lend money!"

Trent McLaren says the event is a great opportunity to meet the partner base and share knowledge: "We love to provide opportunities for our partner base to meet and learn more about the app partners we integrate with. It’s allowing us to create journeys towards something new. We’re making history in Australia by running this conference here in Sydney for the first time.”

To get the most out of these events, it's important to go in with your clients in mind. Have a think about your customer base, including the industries they operate in, and other details like turnover size, staff numbers etc. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes and imagine the issues they have day to day. Are they struggling with cash flow, payroll management, time sheets, point-of-sale? Do they require working capital? One thing is for sure: you’ll almost certainly find a solution at QB Connect that integrates directly with QuickBooks Online via the app marketplace.

Lending Apps Are The Future For Advisors

SMBs that are struggling with cash flow or going through growth cycles regularly require help with working capital. It’s a relatively new area for connected apps, but one that you’ll need to understand if you want to be the 'go-to', trusted shoulder to lean on.

With the explosion of cloud-connected apps integrated with QuickBooks Online, it was only a matter of time until lenders stepped up to the challenge. Access to customer accounting data has enabled financiers to develop amazing solutions to automate everything from applications through to lending- all without leaving the desktop.

Apps such as Waddle, in connection with QuickBooks Online, are enabling advisors to obtain finance offers on behalf of customers, set up an account, and manage it day-to-day. Once a certain level of bookkeeping and management of the account is achieved, unique lenders like Waddle are even passing reduced interest rates to customers, adding a level of value to the advisor never before seen in the marketplace.

Lending Rounds Out The Advisor Offering

Traditionally, referrals for business loans have been an efficient way to lighten the load on advisors; however, in some cases, the introduction of an additional service provider can complicate a relationship. An extra layer could inhibit communication and decrease your control of your customer's experience, leaving you to deal with customer ‘blowback’. It can also create additional workload due to the vetting required before sending your customers outside of your environment. Although not always possible, maintaining ownership of your customer's experience should be a priority.

Lending apps such as Waddle provide advisors with the control to secure financing without relying on third parties, from sourcing an offer through to setting up an account. Where once advisors believed arranging business loans fell outside their level of expertise, there is now a growing trend for advisors to be the 'go-to' for business owners needing financial advice and sourcing across all aspects of the business.

Thanks to cloud accounting providers such as QuickBooks Online, lenders now have access to the data needed to enable the speed and transparency required to join the 'one-click' world of online business.

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