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Posted by Team Waddle on 06-Sep-2016 10:54:16

One of the largest cloud accounting conferences in the southern hemisphere is about to take place called "Xerocon South" in Brisbane, September 8-9.

If you're an accountant or bookkeeper, this is one of the biggest opportunities to meet and greet over 2,000 like-minded people. You'll also get to understand the vast ecosystem of add-ons (now called connected apps) that integrate with Xero's financial web and with over 90 exhibitors this year, you'll have plenty of choices when deciding which ones will fit into your client base.

Financial services continue to grow

The financial services category is relatively new to the Xero ecosystem and over the past 12 months has continued to expand. One thing you might notice with financial services is that it's in a league of its own. It currently spans from foreign currency, micro-lending through to receivables-backed commercial credit lines such as Waddle.

Untitled design Meet Waddle at Stand 58 amongst the Financial Services

Waddle has grown with Xero

Xerocon South marks the first time Waddle has exhibited as part of the ecosystem. With over 100 partners now part of Waddle's network and growing, it's a chance to meet our existing partners again and help develop a deeper understanding with Xero's partners as to how Waddle's lending add-on integrates with their client's financial data. You'll also gain insights into the benefits our product brings through continuous engagement for partners as a result of engaging in best bookkeeping practices that are actively promoted to enable healthy access to working capital through Waddle.

What you'll learn about Waddle

The biggest surprise that comes to most partners and clients is how vastly different the Waddle software platform is amongst the other add-ons and commercial lending products that exist "offline" in the marketplace.

Here's a brief overview - If in doubt come and say "hi" on Thursday & Friday!

  • Waddle's only available to cloud accounting users
  • We promote "best" bookkeeping practices through continuous engagement
  • It's a commercial revolving line of credit
  • The sign-up process is paperless (no applications)
  • It's only for SMEs that transact B2B
  • It's real-time automated lending - first of its kind

Create a partner account here >

What's coming to Waddle: 2016/2017 releases

Throughout the year the development team continually enhance the existing product, adding in features and requests from ongoing feedback from clients and partners. Any comments, email to team@waddle.com.au.

New Zealand has been earmarked for our first overseas expansion and we will be releasing a new mobile application initially for existing customers for funding requests with the ability to view live customer payment feeds. This application will be expanded in 2017 to include new customer sign ups which will be one of the first commercial applications to enable a fully integrated mobile experience from the offer, account opening through to funding.

Waddle is one of cloud accountings biggest evangelists

[inlinetweet prefix="" tweeter="" suffix="@getwaddle"]Accounting data is the very core that all other business service providers orbit around.[/inlinetweet] We developed Waddle with this very belief in mind. Two years ago the founders identified a concept that would enable business owners to access an age-old product of financing receivables without any of the burden, complexities or administrative constraints that come with products that still exist in the market today from banks through to non-bank providers.

Waddle has cultural roots etched with the belief of automation through cloud service providers to deliver a "best in class" experience for our customers and advisory partners. It's for this very reason the product is only available to "cloud-enabled" businesses.

Every day our team is dreaming up new ways of educating business owners about the benefits of moving to cloud accounting. Every conversation, blog post, podcast, and email are in some way shape or form sending out messages to businesses to take advantage of automation, reduced workload & access to software add-ons, making things never thought possible before readily available thanks to innovative companies like Xero.

At a recent conference, Waddle was showcasing its lending software. One of our founders tells us of a classic conversation with a Xero customer "Once today's over I am going to relax, grab a riesling from the pool bar, jump in my bikini and reconcile my Xero account from my mobile."

We'll leave you with the thought that not only doing your reconciliation by the pool is possible, but also connecting your Xero account to get a finance offer for healthy affordable working capital is only a few clicks away thanks to Xero's connected app marketplace.

Don't forget to come chat to us to learn more; we'll be the big loud duck with the podcast station. See you soon!

Need some help? Phone 1300 649 322 and speak to a partner manager or email team@waddle.com.au.

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