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Posted by Jorja Creighton on 19-Oct-2018 11:17:04
Jorja Creighton


Meet Bryan Over, Waddle's new business development manager based in Melbourne.

Jorja asks our newest recruit some tough questions.


How has your first few weeks been with Waddle? You're based in Melbourne, so will you coming up to visit us often at our home base in Chippendale ?

The first week was a blast, coming in and meeting the team. Lots of great individuals that bring so much personality to the team, but better yet, they bring fresh ideas about a new way to look at an old product. I have no reason not to come to visit more often, there was a lot of positive vibes/energy in the office, and that’s infectious. I think you should expect to see me once every month or two, but my networks and friends are in Melbourne so I will be spending the most time there.

Tell us a bit about yourself? Got any hobbies? Secret talents?

No secret talents. I’m an open book per say. On hobbies, typical Canadian stuff. I still play ice hockey at a competitive level and do enjoy sneaking off to the ski hills of Victoria when I have a chance. Other than that, I like to just maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Spin us a spicy tale of where you have come from?

Well, that’s easy, been in the banking debtor finance space for about 10 years and lived/worked across Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. Recently, BOQ decided to exit the debtor finance market, and I took this opportunity to jump on to this rocket ship called Waddle. 

What is your first impression of Waddle?

It's fast, coming from a bank environment decisions and change would take weeks and sometimes months. I contact an old prospect and within hours he had a financial solution. That just doesn’t happen at banks and other places

SO, you are from Toronto eeeeyy? What brought you to Australia?

Its spelled “eh,” .... I came here after the GFC, following my graduating year there was not a lot of graduate position available, and I was dating an Australian at the time and decided that I should give Australia a go. Now 9 years later I’m still here and living the Australian dream. And yes, I am still with the Australian girl.

What are you hoping to achieve here with us?

I want to help people discover Waddle and its benefits, to open peoples' eyes and show them how the banking environment has changed from where it was 5 years ago.

Do you have any pets to bring to the office? We love dogs…just say’n.

No, not at the moment. My last pet was a fish named “Doug” he wasn’t a good roommate and still owes me rent and food money. Every time we ordered food the guy never chipped in.

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