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Waddle's Latest Recruit - David

Posted by Jorja Creighton on 18-Jul-2018 17:42:04
Jorja Creighton


Meet David, our newest sales master!

Credit team member/ investigative reporter Jorja, asked Waddle's newest recruit some questions about his start with Waddle. 

It's great to have you here David! How was your first month?

Fun and fast. Grateful to work with such a smart developer team who have produced such highly commercial disruptive banking technology for us to take to market in innovative ways.

Would you tell us a little about your background and how you came to be with us?

After 17 years as a Portfolio Manager and Technology Equity Analyst with major investment banks and funds, I switched over to financial technology with leading global technology consulting with Accenture and worked as SME/SBA/Manager on the leading financial market digital transformation project in Australia -The  ASX CHESS Replacement Project with digital distributed ledger technology (Blockchain). I helped apply the technology to the ASX Architecture with their smart team, to find optimal new revenue streams and ascertain intrinsic cost savings for the ASX.

After that, I took a career break and did some travelling around Asia to places such as Angkor Wat and developed Hedge Fund market-beating Algos, and traded on some beautiful Asian beaches like James Bond in Skyfall. I also assessed the very best Fintechs and Banking AI in region and deducted that Simon, Nathan and Waddle had the most commercial and useful technology. I was honoured to return home and get involved. Humbled actually.

What are your first impressions of the Waddle office?

Fun and focused. Smart people. Smart technology. Major opportunity.

What are your hopes for your time with Waddle?

Optimise the technology by making it ubiquitous for commercial and business banking clients. Waddle technology is revolutionising and simplifying bank lending. It’s an honour to be a part of the Waddle team in some small way. We are doing very well and have big plans.

You must have a few hidden talents, will you tell us one?

Can sing a mean Kings of Leon, Nickelback, Linkin Park……and my ocean swimming and surfing is on the up!

I have heard you play a mean game of golf! Whats your handicap and favourite courses?

Once or twice, humbling game cracked a few codes but that was a few cat/lion lives ago. St Andrews, Pebble Beach or NSWGC (all played) or Augusta National (walked).

It’s great to have you here bringing some vibrancy to the office! Keep up the epic work.

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