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Posted by Jorja Creighton on 20-Jul-2018 09:49:31
Jorja Creighton


Meet Yasmine, our newest sales recruit.

Credit team member/ investigative reporter Jorja, asked Waddle's newest recruit some questions about her start with Waddle. 

Welcome to the waddle team Yas, it’s great to have you with us.

How is your first week going at waddle?

Absolutely amazing. I am learning a lot and enjoying getting to know the team and what we do in more detail and speaking to people to let them know about what we do.

Tell us a little bit about where you have come from?

I have been working in the financial services industry for over 10 years now. Started my career in a call centre for Wizard home loans and never looked back.

What are your first impressions of Waddle?

The team behind waddle are a very talented group of professionals who are innovative, passionate and driven to make the task of obtaining business funding as simple as possible. I love the simplicity of our product and how we are positioned to offer a solution for the large problem of ‘cash flow’ for businesses. I love that business owners don’t have to take time off from their businesses in order to apply for a facility with us because of the seamless online process. I also love that we are so well priced in the market among our counterpart funders. I also love the work-life balance and the culture of the business for the team, it’s refreshing and very homely.

Having come to Waddle after being self-employed, what has been the biggest change for you?

I am definitely finding that there seem to be more hours in the day then there have been previously, which is just awesome! I am calmer and am enjoying ploughing through my work. I miss my babies very much during the day and find that this only fuels me on, and drives me harder to reach my goals.

What are you hoping to achieve here with us?

I hope to introduce Waddle to as many business owners as possible. We are simply epic and ‘THE ‘ financial partner for businesses who use cloud accounting. The automation on our platform is simply a game-changer. I am very excited about the future of Waddle, and also very excited for the industry.

We’re thrilled to have you!

Thank you so much, likewise. You are all simply amazing, it is my absolute pleasure being here with you.

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