What's behind the Waddle name?

Posted by Team Waddle on 23-Apr-2016 11:32:58

We’re constantly asked what’s with Waddle’s name?

The name "Waddle" encompasses a few beliefs that the founders hold close to their hearts, giving you a few insights into how the team thinks.

Firstly, it's got the slang term "Wad" meaning a wad of cash, easy to use and grab hold of when you need. The Waddle Duck is a metaphor that every entrepreneur can relate to; the "duck on water" is seemingly graceful on the surface, however madly paddling underneath.

Next, they wanted to create a business finance product that was "like a duck to water", meaning that once you start using Waddle you will develop a natural affinity for using it very quickly and without disruption.

Finally, the team at Waddle are tenacious like our small business customers, we take criticism in our stride and will push forward in our beliefs to change the way business owners fund their dreams and shrug off any naysayers, like "water off a duck's back".

There you have it…who doesn't love ducks!

P.S The duck doesn’t have a name yet ;)

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